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Be a better writer. Writing skills improving

When it comes to writing, there is more to unlearn than what is there to learn for people like me who has been educated in the Indian schooling system. What I was told constitute good writing when I was a kid was the biggest hindrance to improving my writing skills later on. Probably the same thing holds you back too.

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Asking better question is the road to writing well

I was both pleased and frustrated when reading Jason Freedman’s Five Paragraph Essays on 42floors’ blog. Pleased because he addressed the very real problem of stodgy, formulaic writing, but frustrated because he didn’t actually get to the heart of the problem.

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How to Write Well: What Makes Writing Good?

Why is the craft of writing in such a dire state? The best writers of our time create magnificent prose, and additional tiers of talents do a fine job of communicating. But the vast majority of people seem competent at best, and many of those who are paid to write — or for whom writing is at least part of their job description (and, these days, that’s just about everybody) — frequently demonstrate a lack of understanding of, or concern about, the most basic rules of grammar and usage.

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